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Monadnock Mountain Vermont
Above: Mount Monadnock, Vermont; looking northeast

Northern New England's Mount Monadnock in Vermont

Northern New Enland's Mount Monadnock is an outstanding northern peak forested all the way to the top unlike the sub alpine rocky bald which is Grand Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH. Mount Monadnock in Vermont is in Lemington Vermont right across the Connecticut River from downtown Colebrook, NH. Mount Monadnock dominates the scenery west of Colebrook, NH. Northern New England's Mount Monadnock offers outstanding views all around. From a tower on top the views over the Balsam evergreens are superb. The tower rises 80 feet high above the 40 foot Balsam that covers the peak. The tower has been restored and is in very good condition as of 2014 and should be for years to come. To the south is a splendid view down the Connecticut River Valley. Looking south on a clear day Mount Washington rises above the other peaks. To the east is a view towards Dixville Notch and nearly unknown mountain peaks such as Lightning, Teapot, Savage, and Goback in the Stratford Range, and Gore, Notch and, tallest of all, Bunnell at 3724 feet, in the Northwest Peaks Range of New Hampshire*. To the north Canada is very near. To the west the distinctive profiles of Camel's Hump, Mansfield as well as Jay Peak are visible in the distance. The trail through forest is steady uphill all the way up Mountain.

*There are no rangers or fees on the Vermont Monadnock which is typical of hiking north of the White Mountains.
*Stay on the trail! There is no off trail hiking on Mount Monadnock in Vermont which is on private conserved land.
*You may bring a dog to Mount Monadnock in Vermont but watch for shards of broken glass at the summit.

Monadnock Mountain VermontMount Monadnock Vermont
Above right: Mount Monadnock Firetower
Above left: Mount Monadnock looking east
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Driving to Mount Monadnock, Vermont

Even though the directions are from Boston, MA; Route 93 heading north is accessible from central and southern New Hampshire as well. To get to Colebrook from Boston it is about 3.5 hours from Boston not including traffic. It is best to overnight and explore some of the other most outstanding spectacular places in the area or the entire northeast for that matter such as Table Rock or Sanguinary Ridge Trail in Dixville Notch. There is much more wild and secluded hiking in the area as well.

Take Route 93 from Boston, MA all the way up through Franconia Notch and take exit 35, Route 3 to Twin Mountain/Lancaster.
Route 3 is a very scenic ride up! Follow route 3 about 62 miles to downtown Colebrook and take a left on Bridge Street. A few city blocks distance on Bridge Street and crossing the Connecticut River enter Vermont and take a right on Route 102-River Road.
Right after turning right on to Route 102-River Road take a left into a large sandpit. Parking for the trail up Mount Monadnock starts here.

Vermont Mount Monadnock
Above: Mount Monadnock, Vermont; looking south down the Connecticut River Valley

Hiking up Mount Monadock, Vermont

Starting at the parking area by the large sandpit on Route 102-River Road (trail sign) head along a path open for ATVs. The ATV path is a nice short side trip itself heading uphill through pasture with views of forest and mountains. Very shortly after leaving your car take a left from the ATV path at a sign and trail register. The path heads through pasture before entering woods. The path follows a small stream crosses the stream heads uphill then reaches the old road to fire tower. The road is first clear but shortly fades out into a path as you head up along the stream. The trail crosses a bridge across the stream then continues up a forest mixed with hardwoods and some evergreens. Higher up the balsam evergreens take over. The trail is forested all the way up to the summit where the summit tower is reached offering great views.

Below: Mount Monadnock summit Vermont Balsam forest
shrouded in fog
Northern Vermont Monadnock Mountain Fog

Mount Monadock Weather

Being in northern New Hampshire and a few miles from Canada the summit can be quite brisk and cool. The tower is also shady inside so it is a good idea to bring a fleece and windbreaker. Northern New England can be 10-20 degrees colder than Boston, MA or New York City. The summit of Mount Monadnock can be 10 degrees or cooler than the base and more windy. Northern New Hampshire peaks and ridges are so windy that wind energy is now being generated from many turbines on top of the ridges. Northern New Hampshire and northern Vermont also has more cloud cover than anywhere else in the U. S. except Seatle, Washington. Clouds cover the region over 100 days a year and the summit forest on top of Mount Monadnock becomes a foggy cloud forest. Whether crystal clear, hazy or foggy Monadnock is worth the visit.

Mount Monadnock Vermont Winter
Above: Winter on top of Mount Monadnock, VT

Created by Frederick Pitcher, 2014 (see contact author)
Source and further reading:
*50 Hikes North of the White Mountains, Kim Nilsen 2012


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The weather above is nearby for the base of the mountain.